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What is Meditation and how do I turn my mind off?

First, let's get a high-level definition of what is meditation.

An article from the National Institutes of Health, defines meditation as: " a variety of practices that focus on mind and body integration and are used to calm the mind and enhance overall well-being."

In simpler terms, it means your mind and body are connected to help calm your #nervoussystem and help reduce #stress

Now that we have a definition of what meditation is, how do you start?

Our mind (brain) is a super computer and designed to think and process information. If our mind is defined to be active all the time, how on earth do we turn that part of ourselves off?

The #good news is that you do not have to turn off your mind, but #shift your focus to something else. For example, when teaching meditation, I often say, "bring your awareness to your breath or to your intention you set for yourself." What that helps you do is have the opportunity to gently shift your attention to that specific space.

My recommendation is start slow with 3-5 minutes of guided meditation and work your way up from there (there are a few meditation (short and longer) videos on my #YouTube channel). Guided meditation is helpful to start as it allows you to hear the words and slowly relax and de-stress.

Please be gentle and #kind with yourself as it takes #practice to learn how to shift your focus to #slowdown but it absolutely attainable. (Yes, you CAN do it!)

If you want to learn more about how I can help your organization or company with your #wellness program, please reach out to me.

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